Second 95 Theses Protest of Martin Luther 2015

September 24, 2015

Warning #1 :    The Pope (Papacy) is the “most dangerous foe to civil and religious liberty”; this Jesuit pope is the Antichrist who will address Congress today. (GC 566, GC-ch 7)

Warning # 2 :   Should Obama and Ted Wilson be impeached ?

Warning # 3 :   Apostasy in Christian Education=emphasizing mission schools* more  than
church schools* and thus  destroying the only  SDA church school in Thailand  with a good long standing history of 70 years of excellent Christian education for so many SDA kids !!!

Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton MD

Chairman of Interim Governing Board of Bangkok Adventist International School (BAIS),  Bangkok, Thailand

Subject:  Letter of Resignation in Protest To

1) The Supreme Judge in the Court of Heaven

2) President Ted Wilson of the General Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventists Church

3) Emergency Board of TAM and SAUM 4) All SDA leaders and concerned members:

About 23 years ago, in 1992, in a similar letter on the importance of church schools over mission schools (“An Appeal to Church Leadership”**) was sent by a  Thai SDA layman, Dr Chokchuang, to the heads of the SDA General Conference, then Far Eastern Division, SAUM, and TAM to pinpoint this tragic apostasy  but this letter of  warning on the dangers of going astray in Christian education was ignored and rejected  or “burned” like the letter of prophet Jeremiah to King Jehoiakim whom we are familiar with especially his terrible fate for rejecting God’s message.(Jer 36)

In response to this shocking rejection , Dr C stopped paying tithe directly to the SDA church for 23 years and quietly gave his tithe to SDA lay independent ministries but now Dr C would proclaim loudly to all SDA that tithes should go to independent SDA ministries which believe in true Christian education and are really doing the will of God like preaching God’s most fearful last warning message to a dying world i.e. the Three Angels’ Messages. (Bible-Revelation 14).

On April 30,2015, after all hopes had gone for all previous protests by many concerned brethren had all failed, two medical doctors (Dr Chokchuang and Dr Supachai)  joined in at the last minute to protest too  against the SDA Thailand Church’s decision to close the BAIS church school by meeting President Joshua  of the Southeast Asia Union Mission(SAUM) and later President Charnchai . of Thailand Adventist Mission(TAM). Consequently, an urgent order was given by P. Joshua , and thus on May 13, 2015, a big special Emergency Church and Mission Board Meeting was held at Thailand Adventist Mission and was comprised of about 50 of the highest Thailand SDA Church leaders and Church board members and lay leaders , including TAM President Charnchai and TAM Executive Board members, and SAUM Education Director (specially flown in from Singapore) and school administrators.

At this historic Emergency Board meeting , the participants had  an overwhelming consensus vote to stop or rescind the Mar 19, 2015 TAM Board Evil Action to close BAIS church school, and also duly elected  7 members***to be the Interim Governing Board of BAIS to take over BAIS since TAM had withdrawn.

As of today, we, the remaining IGB members, offer our resignation in protest for the following reasons:

  1. True Christian education for our children according to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy (counsels of  Ellen G. White whom we accept as the last-day prophet or the Messenger of God  to a rebellious planet hurtling towards her doom) is tragically not in the minds or interests of many SDA leaders of the SDA Church , e.g.-TAM or SAUM or the Southern Asia-pacific Division. This is equivalent to a betrayal of sacred trust or committing high treason or criminal negligence and disobedience to God !
  2. There is incredible corruption of power for control in God’s true remnant Church which we SDA always claim to be ! What a shame as a SDA to confess and let the world know that TAM and SAUM betrayed and hijacked the Interim Governing Board of BAIS by an illegitimate coup-d’-etat which changed  IGB’s name and authority to a mere servant Task Force without governing power or authority and thus rendering IGB meaningless or useless . TAM does not recognize IGB as a legitimately elected identity (which TAM and SAUM helped to vote at first) or accept IGB as an authorized Interim Governing Letters or emails by IGB sent to TAM never get any reply.
  3. There is a sinister conspiracy to destroy true Christian education (by closing or not emphasizing church schools) in the SDA Church in the mission fields. The conspirators are powerful members of TAM and SAUM and they conspired with another willing conspirator, pastor of BIC church, to dictatorially self-proclaim to be the new master to regain control of BAIS to be under TAM regime again by hijacking to usurping authority from IGB. Sadly BAIS, although temporarily reopened or continued due to our protests has again come under TAM and SAUM’s undemocratic dictatorship Today, BAIS, is still not a church school of the people  by the people and for the people.  (people=lay SDA members)
  4. Mar 19, 2015 TAM Board Evil Action to close BAIS (a church school) and merge it to Ekamai International School (a mission school) has not been revoked. Thus, the diabolical decision to destroy or close a good church school and change it or merge it into a mission school is still valid and real like the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. The death sentence of BAIS has not been repealed, but only waiting to be carried out, sooner or later, by the conspirators and traitors of Christian education !!!
  1. The SDA Church and her schools and universities are infiltrated and neutralized or rendered almost impotent by Roman Catholic( Jesuit) agents.a  Today  our dumb down SDA or non-SDA students in America or around the world and church members and church leaders no longer know that “the most dangerous foe to civil and religious liberty” is the Pope or the Papacy. (GC 566).  We no longer teach our students and members that the Pope is the antichrist b(GC ch. 7;     II Thess. 2: 3-9 ) or the Papacy is the whore of Rev 17 (Bible KJV). We have lost almost all our Protestant heritage for we have stopped protesting !c Protestants we are no more !!  We have stopped giving the full Three Angels’ Messagesd of Rev 14 & 18 which include calling God’s deceived people to wake up and come out of fallen Babylon (Roman Catholic church and the apostate Protestant churches)  and warning about the danger of the beast (papacy),the image and the Mark of the Beast (Sunday).We now seldom preach about the prophecies of first beast (papacy) and the second beast (America)e forcing the whole world to worship the first beast and  USA changing from a peaceful lamb into the fearful dragon or tyrant of today in Revelation 13.
  2. Our once strong matchless Protestant educational system and pure Protestant Christian beliefs are so dumb down or water down until our SDA leadership has no more shame sleeping with the whore of Revelation and thus not protesting the Jesuit Pope’s visit to the US Congress  (first time in US history for a pope to address Congress) on Sept.24,2015 when the US will also blissfully climb into the same bed with the papacy unaware of impending doom for playing with this treacherous and murderous whore. (Rev 17-18).  President Obama by inviting the Pope to speak to Congress has committed an impeachable offence and Congress  has committed treason f against the Constitution of the United States of America by violating the First Amendment on religious freedom and the separation of church and state. The Pope (Papacy) has always been the mortal enemyg of America and will always be. Is it not called treason to invite an enemy to sleep with you in your house (Congress)? Is it not a violation of the First Amendment to spend so much public tax moneyh to provide security for the Pope who is a religious figure or the head of a religion and thus a violation of the Constitution on the separation of church and state. First Amendment:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”i


  1. We demand the resignation of all officers of TAM and SAUM.
  1. We demand that the following officers of TAM and SAUM be punished at once or be transferred or repent and  apologize for their treason against Christian education (church schools) and other crimes such as   Pastor Charnchai  supporting or believing in heresy; nepotism  2. Pastor Nipitpon preaching heresy  3. Pastor Khongkrit preaching heresy  4. Danai Agartsupa-  not qualified as education director 5. Pastor Arnold Galvo to be sent home for supporting heresy and  unbecoming behaviour as a pastor  6. Rajdeep Srikurecha -Head of EIS mission school competing for  BAIS church school students; conflict of interest, and supporting  nepotism   7. Pastor Simon Siew preaching heresy to youth thus not qualified as youth leader  9 .Pastor Joshua Mok –a masterful conspirator and a supporter of heresy  10.&11. Danny Rantung and Lawrence Domingo -not qualified as education directors.
  1. A new democratic election by the people of the people and for the people to vote for godly dedicated leaders to replace the apostate and irresponsible officers (not all are bad) of TAM and SAUM.
  2. Request a team from the General Conference to investigate this BAIS church school scandal and investigate the apostasy in Christian education and false teachings or heresies in our midst and reform at once. ( See reform proposals in the article “An Appeal to Church Leadership”  sent to the leadership 23 years ago and still no action )
  3. Request an audit of TAM and SAUM for possible corruption or misdeeds.
  4. Demand  President Ted Wilson  and GC education director to resign or be impeached for allowing apostasy in Christian education to exist or continue without any attempts to stop it and for supporting a counterfeit Great Controversy book called “The Great Hope” and for not protesting against the Pope’s visit to  US Congress.


Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton MD (  alias Martin Luther II)

Chairman of the Interim Governing Board of BAIS (last day)

PS #1

In reply to such a strong, straight, pointed message, you leaders can have these 5 choices.

  1. Ignore it like what you leaders did 23 years ago for the mission fields and we could again possibly lose a whole generation of SDA youths to the world for lack of church schools.
  2. Demonize or discredit us or call us names e.g. “trouble maker” like King Ahab to Elijah.
  3. Excommunicate or ostracize us like what the Pope did to Martin Luther who was just trying to reform the church of Rome from hers sins and errors.
  4. Persecute or imitate the Catholics and burn us as “heretics” at the stake or execute us as      “ heretics” like what the Popes (Papacy) did in the dark ages i.e. tortured and murdered 50-100 million “heretics”j who actually were innocent, saintly Christians who had the pure true gospel but demonized by the  unchristian, cruel, atrocious Roman Catholic Church under the control of Satan.
  5. Repent and reform.      In conclusion, you can choose any or all of the above 4 wicked   choices but God will avenge for us, and may God have mercy on you apostate leaders on the judgment day unless you repent and reform.

PS #2

Elijah said, “ Choose ye this day whom ye would serve, if this letter be from Baal, burn it ;  but if it be a message from God, please share it to all SDA or non-SDA friends and to the press or public media.”  If you do not share it, heaven may be displeased at you for sleeping on duty as an unfaithful watchman not blowing the trumpet as the enemy approaches, for this letter also has precious rare gems of truth and on freedom of religion and that fearful persecutions and Sunday laws will arise soon if no separation of church and state and the 3 Angels’ Messages (God’s last warning) banned by the SDA Church and thus even our own SDA members, Catholics and Protestants will never hear it unless you share.

References :

*Mission school=  mostly non-SDA students.  *Church school= mostly SDA students, better Christian environment + more positive influence.

** “An Appeal to Church Leadership”—an articlek by  Dr Chokchuang on SDA apostasy in Christian education about neglecting church schools (a most grievous sin in the sight of heaven) and  irresponsibly overemphasizing mission schools : See Google--  Sept/1992—Our Firm Foundation;

***Interim Governing Board 1. Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton (Chairman) 2. Dr Supachai Wongpichetchai  3. Ms Sunisa Chang  4. Mr Vincent Villapando  5. Ms Amy Whitsett who mysteriously resigned the next day or so  6. Ms Anne Anito “resigned” by non-attendance of IGB meetings  7. Pastor Arnold Galvo of BIC , also called Judas, was automatically kicked out for betraying or hijacking the Interim Governing Board.

**** If one betrays true Christian education, does he betray the sacred trust given to him by God to take care of our children or our flock ?    Rejection  of God’s specific, plain orders to open and maintain church schools at all costs is an act of treason and criminal negligence !!!  (See “Child Guidance” (Chapter 52 & 53) by Ellen G.White for counsels on church schools, See

Chronology of BAIS Church School Scandal:   

gThe mortal enemy:  See must read book," 50 Years in the Church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy, chapter 59;  Rome is the mortal or implacable enemy of America. Testimony of General Napoleon against the power-hungry despotic Jesuits' aim to take over every country and quote by famous General Lafayette,"If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the Catholic clergy."

Who is Dr Chokchuang :  a retired physician, a third generation lay SDA living in Thailand , worked as a medical  missionary in Bangkok Adventist Hospital for 9 years and then went into private practice; American Board certified in Pediatrics,  graduate of Pacific Union College-USA (1965) and of Loma Linda University, School of Medicine, Class of 1969, classmate of world’s most famous heart surgeon, Dr Leonard Bailey, who performed the first successful monkey and human infant heart transplant of Baby Fae fame.   Dr C. never held a civil or political or church office . (See Google-English or Google-Thai if you want to know more.)

More evidences of the dangers of the Papacy and SDA Apostasy:   See YouTubes of Bill Hughes, Bob Tretz ,James Arabito, David Mould and Jack T Chick; YouTube: Bill Hughes- “When Church and State Shall Unite”  and  “Interview—6-20-15”;  YouTube: David Mould  “Adventist Crime Scenes” and “Congress,the Pope,...and the Great Controversy”; See YouTube or read the bestseller book called “The Great Controversy”-chap. 35 by EGW ( In chapter 7, Martin Luther called the Pope “Antichrist” 3 times.) Walter Veith, Collin Standish (Book - Anti-Christ).

Abbreviation:   SDA=Seventh-Day-Adventists;  TAM=Thailand Adventist Mission;  SAUM= Southeast Asia Union Mission; BAIS=Bangkok Adventist International School (the only SDA church school in Thailand) ; Dr. C = Dr. Chokchuang; IGB= Interim Governing Board of BAIS;  EIS=Ekamai International School (a SDA mission school);  BIC=Bangkok International Church;  GC=The Great Controversy by EGW=Ellen G White.

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