Spiritual Revival Campmeeting at Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Aug 10-15, 2017)

Why You Must attend Campmeeting? God ordained that the children of Israel in the Bible had yearly gatherings (campmeeetings)--e.g. Passover and feasts, to keep His people strong in the faith but sadly today we have forgotten the importance of campmeeting. 2T 573-578 Why did Jesus call us lukewarm Laodicians? Why is the SDA church in Thailand dying? Why is our work moving so slowly after 100 years of ceaseless missionary, evangelistic efforts ? If no Filipino SDA attendees, many Thai SDA churches would go bankrupt overnight! For foreigners or Filipino expats, are you satisfied with your spiritual life in Thailand? Has it gone uphill or downhill? Are you still as active in witnessing for Jesus in Thailand as back home? Are you giving the Great Commission of Jesus? If your answers are negative, then come to the campmeeting for a spiritual revival. EGW Counsel: 揕et all who possibly can, attend these yearly gatherings. All should feel that God requires this of them. If they do not avail themselves of the privileges which He has provided that they may become strong in Him and in the power of His grace, they will grow weaker and weaker, and have less and less desire to consecrate all to God. Come, brethren and sisters, to these sacred convocation meetings, to find Jesus. He will come up to the feast. He will be present, and He will do for you that which you most need to have done. 2T 575.2

Campmeeting is Christian Fellowship: There will be no Christian fellowship if Christians do not make an effort to get together socially, to eat together or to meet (not just in church) and then to exchange ideas or to share their faith and experiences or spiritual concerns or encourage or warn each other. The road to heaven is difficult and lonely; we need all the help, friendship, or encouragement we can get from our fellow Christian travellers like the hero called “Christian” in the must-read classic called “Pilgrim’s Progress”. Without good, fellow Christian travellers like “Hopeful” and “Faithful”, our hero, “Christian”, would not have made it to “Celestial City”. Campmeeting is the best place for Christian fellowship for heaven-bounded pilgrims to get together in an ideal environment with nature and with God. So please make a supreme effort to attend this campmeeting for your spiritual survival and eternal salvation maybe at stake!!

Threat of Jesus: Jesus says that we are lukewarm dying Laodicians ! Jesus threatens, “ I will spue thee out”(Rev 3:14-19). So, do we need to repent? Need a new reformation? To get out of the rut we are in and start a new life or change to a heavenly direction ? A return to forgotten, important goals or covenants with God and a return to priorities that really matter? Do we want to have a new breath of fresh air from heaven? Answer: If your answer is “yes” then take the first step of reformation -–by attending this camp meeting where you may buy “gold, white raiment and eyeslave” from Jesus and have a real spiritual revival. Thus, Jesus will not “spue thee out”. In Thailand, as far as i know, we never had a real spiritual revival camp meeting (with real tent-camping option) with brave, spirit-filled speakers of the straight truth giving the last-day-messages and final warnings in a pure, natural environment upcountry or a mountain retreat.

Topics for Spiritual Revival: Total surrender and total commitment; Salvation is free but we still need to carry the cross and give the Great commission; Signs of Jesus’ Imminent Second Coming; Three Angels Messages; Updates on the stealthy but rapid gain of the power of Rome; Impending Sunday Laws-can’t buy or sell, Death Decree, fearful coming persecutions--many SDA will be tortured and martyred ! The Seven Last Plagues; Amazing prophecies fulfilling right in front of our eyes; Omega Apostasy; Spiritual Formation (contemplative meditation) is very dangerous! Care or cell groups can be dangerous. Jesus and the Bible only is our Guide and our Mentor (any church program against this principle is evil and heresy ); Jesuit infiltration destroying SDA church; Health reform- vegetarianism; Apostasy in Christian education—mission school vs church school, Public schools vs home school ? Last-day prophetic events; Impending sudden, world-wide, financial collapse; Prepare for the “Time of Trouble”? Country living; Learn and practice survival skills, etc.

Speakers: David Gates (to confirm), taped or real messages from Bill Hughes, Walter Veith, David Mould, Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton, Dr Samuel Wong and other inspiring speakers. Attending campmeeting costs time, money, and self-sacrifice but it is more than worth it. God will bless you for He wants you and family to attend !!! EGW counsels that attendance at campmeeting is essential to our spiritual health or else our salvation may be endangered ! 2T 573-578

Cost of Camp meeting--free of charge-- Free Registration; Facilities are limited so approval is needed to stay inside the Farm. All persons staying outside are welcome but still need to register. Accommodation: Free; 25 acres of natural land available for camping; Sleep Options: 1) Non- tent camping: Sleep on bare ground under the stars (bring plastic sheets for roof shelter and ground sheets) or sleep on the bare cement floor of the big Assembly Hall with or without tent. 2) Tent Camping: limited free tents available or bring your own tents and sleeping bags; may set-up tent in Assembly Hall at night. 3) Limited free primitive but clean housings available—some "primitive bamboo huts" or simple “jungle rooms” with clean ceramic floors for you to sleep on for there are no beds so you need to bring own bedding, pillows, blankets and warm sweaters. Clean floor mats available. (Beware: Kan is hot by day and maybe very cold at night). 4) Hotels or resorts (for the less rugged individuals who want more comfort and convenience) are available closeby or in the city of Kan (B300-B2000 per day).

Food: Not free; No cafeteria; No meals served unless you volunteer to cook for others; Eat outside or bring and cook your own food; some limited kitchen facilities available-- like pots and pans and plates or dishes and charcoal or gas stoves; if possible, please bring small pots and pans, plates, camping stoves, charcoal or gather free dry wood or help organize a team of "cooks or kitchen volunteers" to help prepare meals for sale or free, so to give campers more time to attend meetings than spending the whole day cooking !!!  Giant electric rice cooker (if someone donates) may be available to cook free brown rice (if someone donates). No meat or white rice or white bread allowed at Uncle Chok’s Farm; only vegetarian food and unpolished brown rice and whole-wheat bread allowed. Air: Free unpolluted, fresh air allowed. Brown rice maybe on sale. Bring extra food to share or sell.

Uncle Chok’s Farm is self-sufficient and can be a model for country living & it is ready and prepared for the soon-coming “Time of Trouble”. It has fruit trees, veg garden, wild edible plants and land enough to grow food. One can survive here without need to “buy or sell”. Rev 13:17

Water: Free running water available--You "run" to the river closeby to fetch the water or collect free rain water “running” down from the sky. Take a bath in the mighty Kwai jungle river with fish swimming under you or wait for the reluctant pump to bring water up from the big Kwai river which gently and magnificently flows through Uncle Chok’s land. Air: Free unpolluted, fresh air

Location of Uncle Chok’s or Dr Chok’s Farm : Farm is half-way between Kan and Erawan Waterfalls. Drive from Bangkok to Kan city (100 Km) and then drive north about 10 km towards Erawan WaterFalls on Road # 3199 to Ladya town and then about 20 km to Ta Ma Nao village (洪夜疯伊泄仪) and then 2 km to Children Village School (Moo Baan Dek school) which is just before Dr Chokchuang’s Farm (是顾镣猹翟千) 翟粹莽嗝章顾临韬橐灌寸 at Km 37 from Kan on the left.

Public transport: Southern Bus Station in Bangkok--Bus B100 from Bangkok to Kan Tour Bus Station and walk 50 meters to Public Bus Station and then go north towards Erawan Waterfalls by taking blue local Erawan bus B40 and get off at Km 37 at Dr Chokchuang’s Farm which is just after the school.

Donors needed to subsidize good students or faithful youths who lack transport money or food to come. Need donors to help organize free or pay-transport-micro-buses. Anyone to loan us a free bus or vans or pickups? Can we share our cars to give free rides?
Conditions or agreement needed to stay at Uncle Chok’s Farm ( No work requirement of 2 hours or food restriction if stay outside)
1) Must be SDA
2) Obey the camp rules
3) Must stay and be physically present at least 48 hours or 2 full days to listen to campmeetings.
4) Help support “Mutual Help” concept: You are the spiritual “owner” of this campmeeting and self-sustaining Farm (spiritual retreat or mission outpost). Its success or survival or upkeep depends on you, i.e. your active participation and mutual help. Since campmeeting is free and Farm has no hired help and no servants, everyone who stays at the Farm is requested to donate time or contribute free volunteer labor (2 hours daily) to help the campmeeting run smoothly and maintain the Farm during your present free stay or possible future free stay (or at low-cost) as a spiritual retreat or a mission outpost to spread the gospel.
5) Sign release of legal responsibility to organizers or owner of land if accidents happen. Wild elephants are known to visit us at night.
Optional: If God has blessed you, please bring a donation or freewill offering to help Watchmen Warriors’ Ministry cover the expense of camp meeting. Help: I want to come to campmeeting but I have no way and no money. Pray and contact organizer.
Organizer: Watchmen Warriors’ Ministry—a self-supporting lay SDA ministry of Uncle Chok or Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton; chok_c@hotmail.com 093 221 8619 064 192 0019
Contact: Vicente Villapano, invcbls@yahoo.com.ph; 081 657 4917, 0876815273 Amara, Gande, L J , Dr Supachai, Peter Gussman.
Please pray for campmeeting. Satan wants to ban it and blocks you from attending
Who is Uncle Chok ? See YouTube: The Great Controversy in Thai is Bilingual.
More Info on campmeeting: See www.doctorfreedom.com (Sorry, check again--no webmaster )

What to bring to Campmeeting (Practise for “the Time of Trouble”)

Must bring everything you need for your own survival ! Remember, you are in the jungle or wilderness alone; no civilization closeby—no food shops or stores.You either sink or swim

1) Flashlight, candles, or lanterns. 2) Food and water. 3) Rope or strings to hang wet clothes. 4) tennis or hiking shoes or rubber boots. 5) raincoat or umbrella. 6) slipper 7) anti-mosquito repellent 8) pocket or fruit knife 9) matches or cigarette lighter 10) Toilet paper 11) small plastic bags or garbage bags. 12) Tent and camping set, camping stove, sleeping bags, bedding, blankets, small pillows (if not staying in hotels or resorts outside)

Optional: 1) Small hiking backpack or carrying bag 2) machete or longer knife or lawn mower to help cut grass or clear the bushes or jungle to make camping ground presentable 3) weapons against wild animals and snakes 4) Plastic picnic sheets or ground sheets 4) Plastic sheets or containers to collect rain water so you need not buy water. Remember the time will come we cannot “buy or sell”. 5) First-aid kit. 6)

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