URGENT Good NEWS! COME AND ATTEND THE FIRST REAL CAMPMEETING in nature at famous scenic River Kwai (August 10-15, 2017)

SDA Spiritual Revival Campmeeting at Kanchanaburi,Thailand

In Thailand, as far as i know, we never had a real spiritual revival camp meeting (with real tent-camping option) with brave, spirit-filled speakers of the straight truth giving the last-day-messages and final warnings in a pure, natural environment upcountry or a mountain retreat.
Why You Must attend this Campmeeting? God ordained that the children of Israel in the Bible had yearly gatherings (campmeeetings)--e.g. Passover and feasts, to keep His people strong in the faith BUT we had neglected it. Lev 23:4-5 EGW Counsel: “Let all who possibly can, attend these yearly gatherings. All should feel that God requires this of them. If they do not avail themselves of the privileges which He has provided that they may become strong in Him and in the power of His grace, they will grow weaker and weaker, and have less and less desire to consecrate all to God. Come, brethren and sisters, to these sacred convocation meetings, to find Jesus. He will come up to the feast. He will be present, and He will do for you that which you most need to have done.” 2T 575

Threat of Jesus: Jesus says that we are lukewarm dying Laodicians !!! And Jesus threatens, “ I will spue thee out…”(Rev 3:14-19). So, do we need to repent? Need a new reformation? To get out of the rut we are in and be born again or change to a heavenly direction ? A return to forgotten, important goals or covenants with God and a return to priorities that really matter? Do we want to have a new breath of fresh air from heaven? Answer: If your answer is “yes” then take the first step of reformation -–by attending this campmeeting where you may be inspired to buy “gold, white raiment and eyeslave” from Jesus and have a real spiritual revival. Thus, Jesus will not “spue thee out”. Speakers: David Gates(to confirm), Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton, Dr Samuel Wong and other inspiring speakers; taped or real VDO messages from Bill Hughes, Walter Veith, David Mould, God will surely bless you and family for attending meeting.

Cost of attending Campmeeting: Free registration; Accommodation: Free; 25 acres of natural land for free camping; also available- limited free clean, “primitive huts” or “jungle rooms”; Hotels and resorts closeby--not free. Food: Not free; Bring and cook your own food at the campfire. Location: Uncle Chok’s Farm- next to the great River Kwai at Kanchanaburi,Thailand Organizer: Watchmen Warriors Ministry--a self-supporting SDA lay ministry of Uncle Chok or Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton; chok_c@hotmail.com 093 221 8619; 064 192 0019 Contact: Vicente--081 657 4917, 0876815273, invcbls@yahoo.com.ph Teachers Amara, Gande, L J , Dr Supachai, Peter Gussman. Please pray for this campmeeting. Satan wants to ban it and block you from attending.Who is Uncle Chok ? See YouTube: The Great Controversy in Thai is Bilingual.

More Info on campmeeting: See www.doctorfreedom.com (Sorry, check again--no webmaster)


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