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Subject:                                                                               15-10-2019


1) The Apostasy of Adventist and Catholic hospital mergers.
2) Ban and false accusation against  Dr Chokchuang  Chutinaton
3) Apostasy in Loma Linda - accepting too many non-SDA students (BP pg.364)
     More than ten Reasons why Loma Linda should not accept so many non-SDA students:

4) Urgent Reformation needed for our SDA hospitals.

Dear Classmates, Fellow Alumni and Friends, 

 Greetings from Thailand 

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. Isa 58:1 

 In Matt 5:16, Jesus said, " Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your heaven"             


1) You might have heard me speak at the Meeting of AIMS (Alumni in Mission Service) on Sabbath afternoon

Mar 2, 2019 at Loma Linda when I rose up to protest and expose the incredible Apostasy of Adventist and Catholic hospital mergers which was the real reason behind the ban me on me .
Reasons why Adventist and Catholic hospital Mergers should be opposed.
(Please see Links and checkout Source References below)


2) Please also help me to seek justice  for I am banned and falsely accused by LLU Alumni Director-Calvin Chuang and Dr Mike Cater (1969 class  president, a non-SDA Nazarene) . I am Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton of the class of 1969. After medical school  I  had internship and Pediatric residency of 2 years and i immediately went back to the mission field (Thailand) for up till now  uninterupted 47 years.  In Thailand, at first, I worked as a medical missionary at the Bangkok Adventist Hospital for 9 years and then into self-supporting medical missionary work the rest of the last 47 years. I  have a gospel ministry called Watchmen Warriors' Ministry. Thus I qualified as the longest overseas missionary or graduate for the Class of 1969. 

However, even though they are aware of these facts that I was the "longest",  Mr Calvin and Dr Mike Cater refused to acknowledge it for they banned me (by not mentioning my name or recognizing me) at our Class Reunion (Mar 2, 2019) and Alumni Gala Dinner (3/3/19) as the longest missionary or LLU graduate in the mission field (outside USA) for the class of 69.  (Dr Robert Wresch, classmate, who served 40 years  in Guam was recognized  and awarded AIMS Global Service Award. However,  I, Dr Chutinaton, who served 47 years in the mission field (Thailand) was not recognized but  awarded a humiliating BAN )    


The reason given by Mr Calvin and Dr Mike Cater on why they banned me (refuse to recognize or mention my name) is I am “not a mainstream  SDA” and I follow a leader who is also “not a mainline SDA”.  Excuse me, I follow only Jesus as my Leader and what i believe  is a personal religious matter and whether i am a "mainstream SDA" or not should not be used as a criteria to judge and ban me !!! That i am the "longest" in the mission field is a matter of fact (the truth) and thus one should not be banned  because he supposedly "believes differently".


This ban is bigotry  and also against the spirit of religious freedom in the US Constitution
("No Religious Test Clause" to apply for a job and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment ) and  thus to ban me is religious discrimination and religious persecution violating my conscience, personal beliefs and religious freedom !!! 

3) Apostasy in Loma Linda - accepting too many non-SDA students (BP pg.364)
     More than ten Reasons why Loma Linda should not accept so many non-SDA students:


Conclusion: Modern Israel (SDA) is like the Jews of ancient Israel which always went into apostasy. For instance, today, we have  the apostasy of Adventist and Catholic hospital mergers    (the sin of going back to Rome or Babylon and “unequally yoked”). What are we going to do about it ? Ignore it, sit still, and do nothing and be indifferent and neutral  or “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. (Isa 58:1)  Which side are you going to take ??? 

 “ If God abhors one sin above another, of which His people are guilty, it is doing nothing in case of an emergency. Indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God.”  Testimonies-Vol.3, 280.3. 

“Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty (apostate leaders of Adventist Health system are betraying us  to the Catholics).” Judges 5:23 

 Obviously, the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy tell us that it is our duty to fight back against apostasy  or else we would be held accountable and be rebuked by God as watchmen” who are “blind... are all dumb dogs” that ”cannot barksleeping,”. Isaiah 56:10.     Ezekial 3:17-21; Ezekial 33:1-

4) Urgent Reformation

Please join the  Protest against the SDA and Catholic Hospital Merger Apostasy

  1. Share this letter or this merger apostasy of our Adventist Health system to as many SDA as you can.

  2. Write and protest to the leaders of Adventist Health system and General Conference and the powers that be.

  3. Take action to  help start a SDA Health Reformation to change our commercial--oriented hospitals into evangelistic-oriented hospitals which emphasize more spirituality (not just physical healing but also healing of the soul) and teach health reform (“prevention is better than cure”), avoid the use of drugs, use simple, rational, natural remedies in sanitariums in a natural rural setting according to the “Blueprint" of the Spirit of Prophecy.


 Your Classmate or brother in Christ, 

 Dr Chokchuang Chutinaton MD (class of 1969)  

(Founder of Watchmen Warriors’ Ministry )


Source References: 

Google: Adventist Health Transfers 110 Years of Walla Walla Hospital Care to Sisters of Providence

YouTube: Adventist Health and Catholic Health Merge....Arise Shine 
YouTube: (See at 1 hour and 3 minutes)

Google: When Seventh-day Institutions Become Roman Catholic Adventist; Written by Andy Roman  

Google:: Adventist Health and St. Joseph’s Merge Operations posted by Hal Mayer 

Google: Adventist Health, St. Joseph Health plan to jointly run North Coast operations

Google: Search—Adventist and Catholic Hospital Merger

Google: Colorado Hospital Alliance, Roman Catholic & Seventh-Day Adventist                                                         


Google: Adventist to form joint venture with St. Joseph to manage nine Northern California hospitals
Catholic and Adventist Health Systems Join Forces in Walla Walla 


Abbreviations: SOP=the Spirit of Prophecy; EGW=Ellen G White; LLU=Loma Linda University; SDA=Seventh-day Adventist; ***Church Schools=SDA schools with mostly SDA kids; Mission Schools= SDA schools with mostly non-SDA kids; BP=Broken Blueprint book; MMM=the Medical Missionary Manual; CG=Child Guidance; T= Testimonies

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